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  • WJ-512
  • ball screw drive
  • water filter
  • garnet tray
  • direct drive pump
  • touchscreen


The WJ-512CNC industrial water jet cutter from Baileigh Industrial is a great value for anyone looking to get into water jet cutting.  This great machine has the ability to cut just about any material with precision.  This includes glass, granite, ceramic, plastic, foam, mild steel, stainless steel,  titanium, aluminum, and copper in its 60” x 144” table.  The design is a cantilever design that allows for much easier material loading and unloading.  This design also offers smoother action on the axis with exclusion of moving parts.  All axis ride on precision balls screws with square slide ways.  All slide ways are covered and protected from water for long life.  The frame of the WJ-512CNC is laser cut and interlocked, then welded for strenght, rigidity, and accuracy.

Every WJ-512CNC industrial water jet cutter includes our own proprietary abrasive auto feed system that is coupled with a powerful 55,000psi Hamelmann direct drive pump.   This system is unique to the Baileigh Industrial line an offers a low maintenance approach to water jet cutting.

To control the WJ-512CNC industrial water jet table, Baileigh Industrial includes an easy to use windows based operator touchscreen.  This programmer supports any DXF file.


For more detailed information on the WJ-512CNC water jet click here.


To find out the operating cost of a Baileigh Industrial water jet click here.


 Suggested Machine Layout

BobCAD-Cam Express Design Software (Included)

bobCad cam

The WJ-512CNC comes standard with BobCAD-Cam Express programming software. You can design or plot out your project on any computer and load the plasma table via a USB drive.  To learn more or download a free trial, click the BobCAD-Cam logo above.

 For more information on the WJ-512CNC water jet from Baileigh Industrial contact a representative today.


*Onsite training does not include initial set up of machine and is a maximum of 2 days.  If more time is needed it will be billed seperately. 

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Item Number WJ-512CNC
Country of Manufacture Malta
Motor KW 30kw
Working Table Size 60" x 144"
Working Table Travel (X/Y) 60"/144"
Filter Type 2 Stage/2 Filter, 10 Micron & 1 Micron
Number of Filters 2
Supported File Formats DXF
Repeatability Accuracy ± .001"
Production Pressure 55,000 psi (38,000 bar)
Max. Flow Rate 7.92 gallons per minute
Orifice Size .014"
Travel Speed 40 fpm (26 fpm Cutting) Maximum
CNC System Windows Based
Cutting Accuracy ±.001"
Inlet Pressure 30 psi
Motor 40 hp
Z Axis Travel 6.75"
Table Load Capacity 2500 lbs
Power 460V / 3-phase 60amp
Shipping Weight 9600lbs
Hopper Capacity 250 lbs
Software BobCad Cam

* specifications subject to change without notice.

California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65

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Q & A

Question:  What makes a Baileigh Industrial Water Jet Unique?

Answer:  Baileigh Industrial looked at traditional water jets and thought, there must be a better way.  The first aspect of traditional water jet that Baileigh looked at was the pump, this lead them to the direct drive design that took up less space and required less maintenance then what was already on the market.  This led us to Hammelmann®.  The Hammelmann® pump was born in the high volume, high demand industrial mining business where downtime can’t happen, and maintenance intervals need to be as long as possible.  Knowing that Baileigh’s customers would expect nothing less, we’ve built the “heart” of our water jets with a Hammelmann® direct drive pump.  This pump system can run a 100% duty cycle at maximum system pressure!  And it’s achieving this while being up to 40% more energy efficient than an intensifier water jet system! 

Cutting stone, glass, marble, granite, tile, or anything brittle?  Traditional water jets tend to chip or blow-out the surface of brittle material when initially piercing.  Baileigh’s direct drive system has addressed this headache with the powertrain that lies behind the Hammelmann pump.  An Italian Elvem 40hp motor, powered by an Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD, enables the cutting system pressure to be varied infinitely, in real time.  This means your expensive stone can be pierced at low pressure to avoid damage, but cut at high pressure for increased production; all handled by the Windows based controller!  That’s right, no more manually adjusting the hydraulic system.  In fact, Baileigh water jets don’t have a hydraulic system at all, which also alleviates the need for a cooling system.  No hydraulic system, no cooling system, and an integrated garnet hopper make the Baileigh water jets some of the smallest footprint water jets in the industry!  The only items you see on your shop floor are the chassis, water table/tank, and control pedestal.

More detailed info can be found here.

Question:  What does it cost to run a Baileigh Water Jet?

Answer:  There are many factors that influence the cost of running a water jet, please click here for more information.

Water Jet WJ-512CNC

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