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Computer Programmable Rotary Draw Benders

Baileigh’s programmable tube benders have the power to grow your business. Make bends quickly and accurately. Save your projects as repeatable programs. Meet high customer demand. And deliver world-class results with tube and pipe benders from Baileigh Industrial.

Why choose a programmable tube and pipe bender from Baileigh?

  • Fast bending for production runs – Our smallest programmable rotary draw bender, the RDB-250, bends 180° in just 9 seconds!
  • 170-program internal memory – Store bend patterns to save time when making repeat parts.
  • User-friendly touchscreen controls – You don’t have to be tech-savvy to program these tube and pipe benders.
  • Hands-free design – Start and stop the machine with the convenient foot pedal.
  • Variety of options – Left and right bending gives you freedom for ornamental projects. Add an optional index table for variable plane bending.
  • Made in the USA – We’re proud to manufacture our tube benders in America.
  • Lifetime technical support by phone – Call us whenever you need help or have questions. Our customer reps all have hands-on machine experience.

A programmable tube bender may be the right choice for:

  • Full production shops.
  • Bending tube and pipe with larger centerline radii than hydraulic benders can handle.
  • Making multiple-piece parts, such as car bumpers, all day long.
  • Working at a faster pace than a hydraulic bender can manage.
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  1. Baileigh Tube Bender RDB-250

    $10,795.00 $

    In stock

    • 220V 1-phase power
    • 2” schedule 40 pipe capacity
    • 9” max. CLR
    • Stores 170 bend programs
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  2. MPB-275 Universal Bender

    $15,695.00 $

    In stock

    • 220 Volt Single Phase
    • Perfect for bending solid rod and wire 
    • High Speed Multi Purpose Rotary Bender
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  3. Programmable Pipe Bender RDB-325

    $15,995.00 $

    In stock

    • 220V 1-phase power
    • 2" schedule 80 pipe capacity
    • 16” max. CLR
    • Stores 170 programs
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  4. Programmable Tube Bender RDB-350-TS

    $21,795.00 $

    In stock

    • 220V 3-phase rotary-draw bender
    • 2.5” schedule 40 pipe capacity
    • 24” CLR maximum
    • Stores 170 bend programs
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  5. Baileigh Pipe Bender RDB-480

    $79,995.00 $

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    • 220V 3-phase power
    • 4” schedule 80 pipe capacity
    • 28” max. CLR
    • Stores 170 bend programs
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