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Straight Sheet Metal Brakes View All

We make a manual straight brake to fit almost any shop. Models range from 4 to 13 feet in length and 12 to 22 gauge in mild steel capacity. The steel construction and iron clamps keep bends accurate. Read more about Straight Sheet Metal Brakes

Box & Pan Sheet Metal Brakes View All

Our manual box brakes, from 2 to 13 feet in length, include hardened fingers to create a variety of boxes and pans. Each sheet metal finger brake has a steel frame, so it’ll last a lifetime. Read more about Box & Pan Sheet Metal Brakes

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brakes View All

A hydraulic box and pan brake lets you speed up production, cut out manual effort, and rely on programmable precision. Control the hydraulic clamping and bending leaf with a convenient foot pedal. Read more about Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brakes

Magnetic Sheet Metal Brakes View All

Looking for a do-it-all machine? With a magnetic sheet metal brake, you can tackle unusually-shaped applications, make enclosed boxes and triangles, and bend sheet metal to almost any depth. Read more about Magnetic Sheet Metal Brakes