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Automatic Band Saws

Baileigh’s mighty automatic band saws can cut heavy stock 24 hours a day for years. Our saws combine massive steel frames with precise hydraulics and encoders to give you faster turnaround times and flawless accuracy.

A fully automatic band saw lets you program the cutting cycle and transitions between cuts. If you wanted to make 9 cuts 1” apart in a 10” piece of material, you wouldn’t have to reposition the material each time. The machine would automatically feed the next length.

Why choose an automatic band saw from Baileigh?

  • Hydraulic bundling system clamps the material to make clean, uniform cuts on all pieces.
  • Delta® inverter drive allows you to fine-tune the blade speed.
  • Digital encoders guide the feed for precise material placement.
  • Strong infeed and outfeed table can support up to 5,000 lbs. of material.
  • Touchscreen controller is easy to program.
  • Electro-welded steel frame resists vibrations to maintain the highest standards of accuracy.
  • 1-year parts warranty, and we keep most replacements in stock for fast shipping.
  • Lifetime technical support by phone from our team of experienced reps.

Is an automatic band saw right for you?

  • We recommend our automatic band saws for high-output industrial shops.
  • If you don’t need a saw that manages transitions between cuts, a semi-automatic saw might work for you.

Not sure which model you need? Call our team of experts at 1-844-477-7707, and we’ll figure out the best band saw for your jobs and budget.

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  1. Automatic Bandsaw BS-20A

    $46,239.00 $

    Call for Availability

    • Available in 220V or 440V 3-phase models
    • 13” round capacity at 90°
    • Miters 45°
    • 1” blade width
    • Variable speed: 89 to 256 fpm
  2. Band Saw BS-24A

    $59,359.00 $

    Call for Availability

    • 220V 3-phase automatic band saw
    • 18” round capacity at 90°
    • Head miters 45°
    • 1.5” blade width
    • Variable speed: 65-279 fpm