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Metal Down Draft Tables

Metal Down Draft Tables

  1. Downdraft Table DDTM-5922

    $2,595.00 $

    In stock

    The DDTM-5922 grinding table from Baileigh Industrial can help. This easy to use down draft table takes all the little partials that float around the shop and pull them straight down into a contained unit and also help to clean the air.
  2. Downdraft Table DDTM-8024

    $4,295.00 $

    In stock

    The DDTM-8024 metal working downdraft table from Baileigh industrial can help with that. This 80 inch long grinding table features a 3mm thick work table made out of stainless steel and can hold up to 660lbs.
  3. Heavy Duty Downdraft Table DDTM-4840-HD

    $7,795.00 $

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    •  48" x 40" working area
    •  Heavy duty metalworking down draft table
    •  Perfect for grinding or sanding
    •  2 hp
    •  1350 CFM
    •  3 stage filter
    • Integrated work light
    • 230V 3 phase
  4. Heavy Duty Downdraft Table DDTM-8052-HD

    $12,195.00 $

    In stock

    • 78" x 52" working area
    • Heavy duty metalworking down draft table
    • Perfect for grinding or sanding
    • 5 hp
    • 2340 CFM
    • 3 stage filter
    • Integrated work light
    • 230V 3 phase