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Ironworkers & Punches

Ironworkers & Punches

Baileigh Industrial builds ironworkers and punches from the most durable industrial-grade components, so that they produce clean cuts and holes—every project, every time, for years.

Our line of ironworkers and punches offers:

  • Advanced designs with technology you won’t find on competing brand machines. For example, our hydraulic ironworkers’ patented swing-away tooling system allows for the fastest die changes in the industry.
  • Standard features that other manufacturers might charge extra for, such as oversized tables, multiple punch and die sets, and adjustable stops to help with production runs.
  • Rigid steel plate construction, enabling the machine to tackle maximum capacity materials on a regular basis without flexing or flinching.
  • 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone from Baileigh’s customer service specialists, all with hands-on machine experience.

We typically keep our ironworkers in stock for shipments within 72 hours.

Manual Ironworkers and Punches

Need to punch holes or shear stock on a budget? A manual sheet metal punch or ironworker makes a dependable solution. Our 50-ton hydraulic punch can tackle tougher applications.

Hydraulic Ironworkers

Our 5-station ironworkers (most available in single- and 3-phase power models) range from 50 tons to 132 tons in punch pressure capacity. All-vertical hydraulic movement prolongs each machine’s lifespan of use. Baileigh’s 2 models of 4-station ironworkers deliver 44 tons of force.

Not sure which machine is the right solution for you? Give us a call at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to one of our seasoned reps or fill out our contact form.

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Manual Ironworkers & Punches View All

A manual ironworker or manual punch is a budget-friendly option for shearing and/or making holes in sheet metal. These machines take up little space, and most include a back stop for repeatability. Read more about Manual Ironworkers & Punches

Hydraulic Ironworkers View All

Each 4- and 5-station hydraulic ironworker can punch, shear, notch, and more. Heavy steel construction, a rapid-change tooling system, and product guides offer years of efficient, accurate production. Read more about Hydraulic Ironworkers

Hydraulic Punches View All

If you need to make precise holes quickly, our 50-ton sheet metal punch offers a simple, space-saving alternative to hydraulic ironworkers. You can run the punch by remote control from 10 feet away. Read more about Hydraulic Punches

Ironworker & Punch Tooling & Accessories View All

Baileigh Industrial carries a full ine of tooling and accesories for your Baileigh Ironworkers and punches.  The website only shows a sampling of the tooling that ia avaiable.  If you don't... Read more about Ironworker & Punch Tooling & Accessories