Forming & Shaping

Metal shaping is our passion. And our machines have revolutionized the industry. We combine new technology with traditional heavy-duty quality. The result? Sheet metal working tools that can give you a competitive edge and last a lifetime! Here at Baileigh Industrial, we have a wide range of metalworking hammers and other metal shaping tools to choose from. Browse below and view our selection of sheet metal forming and shaping machines for sale.

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Bead Rollers View All

Choose from one of the world’s largest selections of bead rollers and dies. Whether you’re working on hot rods, metal art, or HVAC ductwork, we have a bead roller that’s right for you. Read more about Bead Rollers

English Wheels View All

Need to hammer out gradual curves for cars, airplanes, or metal art? We have English wheels to fit any budget, from entry-level models all the way up to massive machines for heavy production. Read more about English Wheels

Shrinker Stretchers View All

We offer a wide range of shrinker stretcher designs, including the only hydraulic shrinker stretcher on the market—as well as economical models with generous capacities and throat depths. Read more about Shrinker Stretchers

Power Hammers View All

Baileigh created the modern power hammer. We updated a century-old design to make it hit harder and work faster. Then we brought this do-it-all machine to shops everywhere at an affordable price. Read more about Power Hammers

Bossing Mallets and Shot Bags View All

Manufactured in the USA, these bossing mallets let you reshape metal quickly. The welded steel handle, polyurethane casting, and shot-filled canister maximize your striking power and reduce fatigue. Read more about Bossing Mallets and Shot Bags

Ornamental Benders View All

Create railings, fences, gates, and more with an ornamental bender. After developing the industry’s top tube benders, we applied the same high standards and expertise to our scroll bender line. Read more about Ornamental Benders

HVAC Forming Machines View All

We know that HVAC shops need reliable machines to bend ductwork every day. That’s why we built our lockformer with an all-steel forming head and hardened shafts, so it will last for many years. Read more about HVAC Forming Machines

Letter Brakes View All

Our small, time-saving letter brake is a valuable addition to any sign shop.The open jaw design enables you to shape channel letters faster than a standard box and pan brake could. Read more about Letter Brakes