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Dead Blow Hammers

Baileigh Industrial offers many types of dead blow hammers for just about every application possible. These quality hammers are made in the USA and are made from the best components possible. Take a look below at the many styles of hammers we offer and if you don't see what you need, contact one of our experts at 920-684-4990 today.

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Slim Softface View All

Slimline hammers are great for sheet metal work, parts and trim assembly, and tighter spaces. Shot-filled canisters offer less bounce and resistance, with maximum striking force. Read more about Slim Softface

Standard Softface View All

With a contoured grip, balanced swing, and dead blow striking force, standard softface hammers offer maximum power, reduced fatigue, and shorter work time. Read more about Standard Softface

Softface Sledgehammers View All

Our softface sledgehammers have welded steel handles and shot-filled canisters for maximum power that demands less user effort. Polyurethane casting reduces bounce and surface damage. Read more about Softface Sledgehammers

Ball Peen View All

The ultimate machinist hammers, our ball peen hammers have a steel face at each end for shaping, expanding, and setting roves and rivets—as well flattening, shaping, and removing dents. Read more about Ball Peen

Flat - Flat Hardface View All

Using the same technology as our ball peen hammers, our flat-flat hardface hammers have been re-engineered with threadless construction and have a steel face at each end. Read more about Flat - Flat Hardface

Polyurethane Bossing Mallets View All

Baileigh’s soft-face bossing mallets will shape metal without leaving a mark. Polyurethane hot casting over a welded steel handle and a shot-filled canister give you maximum striking power. Read more about Polyurethane Bossing Mallets

Shot bags View All

Proudly made in the USA, our quality leather shot bags help you form metal with our hammers. These bags will last for many years. Read more about Shot bags