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When I was recently asked to fabricate a complex geometric wall sculpture for a local business, I knew that Baileigh’s legendary precision would make this project not only possible but also profitable.

I used the PT-510HD plasma table to fabricate some of the more challenging segments quickly. The R-M40 roll bender ensured the repeatability that I needed for other sections. Baileigh’s quality machinery has allowed us to pull off projects like this, and our business has seen tremendous growth as a result.

Dan Patterson - Santa Barbara Forge, Santa Barbara, CA

In the motorsports industry, fast turnaround times and ultimate attention to detail are essential. While refitting our fabrication workshop, we chose Baileigh Industrial because of the quality of their machines and their top-notch customer service.

The machines and tooling are all in stock, and knowledgeable, friendly staff have always been at the end of the phone with quick and sensible solutions.

Olly Marshall - ProSpeed Motorsport Ltd., York, United Kingdom

We needed a sturdy band saw with a gear-driven head. However, most saws in our range were belt-driven, and I’ve personally had bad experiences with those. Then we found Baileigh Industrial, and the BS-250M bandsaw really has it all, plus some other features you won't find on other models.

I would recommend this saw to anyone who wants a great piece of equipment that will be a true value to your shop.

Jeff Carlson - Steel Reality Manufacturing, Inc., Kalispell, MT

I recently decided to start my own business in the off-road community. After doing a ton of research I decided Baileigh Industrial was the way to go for my machines. I haven’t been disappointed on any level! The customer service is excellent, and my order arrived a few days after placing it.  

The equipment has blown me away. The cold saw, programmable rotary draw bender, and TN-300 tube notcher that I bought are all amazing. They are well-made, hardworking machines, and I have no doubt I chose the right company to buy from.

Thank you, Baileigh Industrial, for helping me get my start-up business going in the right direction.

Mike Berg - Crawlin Concepts LLC, Chandler, AZ

Being a designer and welder, I pride myself on creating the highest-quality and most unique products. Thanks to Baileigh Industrial, never again will I be limited by my equipment.

Over the past few years, we at Ekstrom Design and Fabrication have outfitted our shop exclusively with Baileigh Equipment, and we’ve never looked back.

David Ekstrom - Ekstrom Design, Salt Lake City, UT

As an owner of a highly specialized machine and fabrication shop, I’m impressed with the quality of Baileigh’s tools and their capability of performing many applications with the help of an array of tooling sizes. I’m equally happy with the technical service and the technical support and information.

I bought a PR-409 plate roll, a RDB-175 tube bender, and a TN-800 tube notcher and was able to order all the correct tooling sizes with their assistance. Baileigh is wonderful to work with and is a great help in keeping me within my budget.

Dick Jobe - MachineHead, Kansas City, MO

I can’t express enough how great all the guys from Baileigh are. They really know their product well.They all work with metal, use the machines, and can answer tech questions for you. They’ll help you get the best bang for your buck.

Mike Phillips - Phillips Automotive & Performance, LLC, Downingtown, PA

My company needed to apply a groove to a cylindrical object. After many failed attempts we contacted the custom industrial application team at Baileigh Industrial.

They did a great job developing custom male and female tooling to fit the BR-16E-36 bead roller for our needs. We sent them our specifications, and they were able to provide samples quickly.

The machine was in stock and ready for shipment. After receiving the machine, our employees were trained and running production within 24 hours. We have had the roller in production since June 2013, working perfectly.

Brandon - Manufacturing Engineer, PA