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Planishing Hammer Ph24A

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  • Planishing Hammer Ph24A
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This air-powered planishing hammer can transform wrinkled or dented metal into smooth finished products. A great value, the PH-24A can also do light metal shaping on soft materials.

  • 24” throat depth.
  • 16 gauge mild steel capacity for finishing.
  • Lands 4,600 beats per minute.
  • Requires 90-120 psi to operate.
  • You can adjust the material opening with the handwheel at the bottom.
  • Foot pedal control leaves your hands free.
  • Comes standard with 9 radius dies: flat, ¾”, 1½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, and 12”.
  • 4” x 4” fully-welded frame keeps the machine stable so that force is transferred directly to the material.
  • Stainless steel main shaft helps the machine last longer.
  • Fill the frame with sand to reduce noise and vibration. We’ve made it easy to pour sand into the frame through 2 holes covered with removable plates.
  • Automatic oiler keeps your machine running smoothly.
  • We offer an optional dog-leg brace for tight radii applications.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty plus lifetime technical support by phone.

Questions? Not sure which is the best planishing hammer for you? Call us at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

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Item Number PH-24A
Bead Rolls 17186
Mild Steel Capacity 16 ga.
Tooling Height Adjustment 1-1/2"
Throat Depth 24"
Aluminum Capacity 14 ga.
Power 15 - 120 Psi.
Shipping Weight 170lbs
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 60x36x11

* specifications subject to change without notice.

California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65

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Stories & Testimonials

Smooth Finish (and Smooth Moves) for Cycle Parts

Josh Allison has mastered the PH-24A, and his business Cry Baby Cycles is a roaring success. Watch Josh do a signature move that he calls the “planishing 180”—flipping the piece while smoothing it out.

Visit Cry Baby Cycles’ website.

Turns Extraordinary Sculptural Designs into Reality

With the PH-24A, Lacey Metal Designs creates everything from statues of wildlife to intricate metal fountains. Baileigh's pneumatic planishing hammer enables owner Mike Gallucci to shape and smooth metal into award-winning works of art.

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Planishing Hammer PH-24A

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