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Dust Collector Dc3600C

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  • Dust Collector Dc3600C
  • Quickreleasedrum
  • waste drum
  • Electrical Box With Remote Start


We designed this industrial dust collector to work 2 shifts in heavy woodworking shops—and keep them pristine. This quiet unit will run all day long and stay cooler than competitors.

  • Mighty 5 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Produces 3,600 CFM of suction to pull dust from several machines at the same time.
  • Powerful airflow will overcome resistance caused by the ducting from machine to collector.
  • To deliver more force, this dust collector has a higher amp draw than our smaller capacity units.
  • 1 micron filter traps even the smallest particles with with 99.9% efficiency, keeping your shop’s air clean and breathable.
  • Automatic filter cleaner starts them motorized flapper to release dust when you power down.
  • 60-gallon drum collects enough dust that you don’t have to empty it too frequently.
  • Casters on the drum allow you to easily wheel it and dispose of sawdust. No need to risk a spilling bag!
  • 4 dust ports (10” x 4”) enable you to hook up multiple machines at once.
  • Comes with a grounding screw; just attach a copper wire and touch it to PVC hose to take away the charge.
  • Remote-controlled start and shutoff lets you manage the dust collector while you’re working on another machine across the room.
  • Swivel casters on the base make this dust collector convenient to move.
  • Takes 2 to 4 hours to assemble the machine.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • We back this dust extraction system with lifetime technical support by phone. Our experienced woodworkers are here to troubleshoot and answer questions.

Recommended for:

  • Industrial cabinet shops
  • Tech colleges that teach multiple woodworking classes
  • Non-woodworking companies that release heavy dust particles into their shop environment

Questions? Call us at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

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Item Number DC-3600C
Shipping Weight 510lbs
CFM 3600
Dust Collection Port 10" x 4"
Number of Outlets 4
Drum Capacity (Gallon) 60 gallon
Remote Start Included
Power 220V Three Phase
Length 64"
Width 50"
Height 102"
Horse Power 5
Noise Level ( @ 3 meters) 88 Decibles
Max. Static Pressure 12.3 In H2O
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 69x44x60

* specifications subject to change without notice.

California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65

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Q & A

Cyclone vs. bag-style dust collectors: what's the difference?

A cyclone dust collector creates a vortex that separates chunks from smaller particle dust. A bag-style dust collector relies on gravity to separate the different sizes into 2 different bags.

As a result, cyclones are more efficient than bag-style machines; airflow to the bags drains some suction. Cyclone machines are also quieter. However, bag-style machines typically cost less.

Can I use this machine to collect dust from metalworking machines?

No, we did not build our DC line of dust collectors to handle metalworking debris. Metal chips will damage the propellor. Hot metal shavings could start a fire in sawdust bags and filters.

If you need a solution for dust in your metalworking shop, we recommend our MDC-1800 metal dust collector.

Do you sell replacement filters?

You won’t need them. Just use the flapper to shake out dust every now and then and your canister filter should last for years.

Do I have to buy bags from you?

No. You can buy from us, or any heavy contractor trash bag will do.

5HP Cyclone Dust Collector DC-3600C

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