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5.5lb Softface Sledgehammer (BH-62-550)

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  • 10.5lb Softface Sledgehammer (BH-62-553)
  • 10.5lb Softface Sledgehammer (BH-62-553)
  • 10.5lb Softface Sledgehammer (BH-62-553)
  • 10.5lb Softface Sledgehammer (BH-62-553)



 Our soft face sledge hammers have welded steel handles and shot-filled canisters for maximum power with less striking effort. Polyurethane casting provides less bounce, reduced surface damage, and easier grip for a more balanced swing and accurate striking ability.
BUILT TO LAST— Baileigh hammers deliver long-lasting performance in a wide range of uses. If you need a hammer for anything other than driving a nail, Baileigh has the tool you need.
  • Steel Cannister welded to rod–more strength and safety
  • Shot-Filled Cannister absorbs shock while maximizing power at impact
  • Convex Faces provide maximum dead-blow, non-bounce action
  • Polyurethane Coating formula prevents mushrooming, splitting and chipping for long-lasting use
  • Textured Grip provides  sure-handed service – no slips, less fatigue 
  • Steel Core provides strength and long- lasting durability – up to 20 times longer than other hammers

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Item Number BH-62-553
Country of Manufacture United States
Total Weight 10.5lbs
Face Diameter 3.25"
Overall Handle Length 30"
Head Length 8"

* specifications subject to change without notice.

California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65

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10.5lb Softface Sledgehammer (BH-62-553)

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