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Ts1040P 50 Tablesaw

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  • Ts1040P 50 Tablesaw
  • Heavydutyripfence 2
  • Easyreadmiterguage
  • Dadoinserti 2
  • Groundandpolishedtable
  • Massivetrunion 1


This cabinet-style production saw delivers professional accuracy. Its steel base, trunnion attached to the cabinet, and cast iron table reduce vibrations and maintain alignment.

  • 50” right-side rip capacity. (Also available in a 30” rip model.)
  • 3hp Leeson motor turns at 4,300 rpm and cuts maple like it was pine.
  • The motor gets up to full speed in seconds.
  • Runs on 220-volt single-phase power, so it will work in almost any shop.
  • Uses standard 10” blades with ⅝” arbor.
  • Includes standard and dado inserts.
  • 40” x 27” table, made of cast iron, with 50” extension boards, made of impregnated poly, help you handle large, awkward pieces.
  • Tabletop is webbed into the base to stay square and true. Heat and moisture in your shop won’t warp it.
  • Wood glides across the ground and polished cast iron table surface. You can bring back the original smooth shine even after years of use.
  • Rip fence made of heavy UHMW plastic makes it easy for you to slide wood.
  • You can inexpensively replace the rip fence plastic—convenient if you drill into it while using a unusually-shaped jig.
  • Steel handwheels with locks on the base let you adjust the blade height and miter angle.
  • Comes standard with a miter gauge for repeatability.
  • Trunnion attached to the base prevents the machine from wobbling and keeps noise within a safe decibel range.
  • Rigid all-steel base keeps the saw stable and aligned, so the blade will cut correctly (without unintended movement or mitering).
  • Weighs 550 lbs., which indicates what a rock-solid machine this is.
  • 4” dust collection port to hook up an extraction system and suck out sawdust.
  • CSA approved, with safety features like an anti-kickback blade guard and a quick-release riving knife.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • You can count on lifetime technical support by phone. Call up our team of reps (all with hands-on machine experience) whenever you have questions or problems.
  • We typically keep all replacement parts in stock for fast deliveries.

Recommended for: Cabinetry, kitchen build-ins and shelving, furniture, live edge, or reclaimed lumber.

Questions? Call us at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

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Item Number TS-1040P-50
Table Size (Length) 20"
Table Size (Width) 27"
Table Saw Working Table 60" x 27"
Table Saw Blade Diameter 10"
Table Saw RPM 4300
Table Saw Arbor 5/8"
Table Saw Cutting Height @ 90° 3-1/8"
Table Saw Cutting Height @ 45° 2-3/16"
Maximum Dado Diameter 8"
Maximum Dado Width 13/16"
Maximum Rip Cut (Right) 50"
Power 220V Single Phase
Horse Power 3
Weight (lbs) 590

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Stories & Testimonials

Great Saw!

As it’s inherent in our woodworking minds to over-analyze nearly every detail of a machine prior to making a large purchase, I found myself with very few (if any) non-biased reviews of Baileigh’s new woodworking lineup. At first glance, the machines have a tremendous “fit & finish” and claim to offer comparable tech-specs to machines that fetch a much higher price tag. I wanted to see if this was in fact true and after diligent research on comps and several calls in to Baileighs technicians to confirm small details, I took the plunge. Now like many of you, I was leery that Baileigh had priced themselves a bit high on this saw. Other cabinet saws are available for less money, however, when you look beyond the lipstick, it’s the components you rarely see that define a saws quality. I am here to assure you that this machine blew away my expectations that I’ll delve into below. My approach here was to buy my last saw first. By that I mean I wanted to buy the saw that I knew would suit my woodworking needs and both now and in the future and do so without any compromise.
So after much ado, here is my initial review of the Baileigh TS-1040P-30 table saw:

The saw arrived very well packaged, bolted to a skid, and no apparent damage to any components. One thing I immediately appreciated when unpacking the machine was that Baileigh wrapped all major components in oil paper rather than coating the cast iron and metal in oil and leaving you to clean it off. These are the small things I really appreciate. Of particular note, I ordered this saw on a Tuesday and it arrived in two days (wow!). Installation is rather straight forward. I highly suggest removing the top for two reasons. One, it removes a lot of weight from the cabinet so you can maneuver it. Two, it gives you a look at the mechanics that you can’t see otherwise. While removing the top, be careful not to lose the metal corner shims that help level and stabilize the top. It’s the small details like these metal shims that Baileigh has engineered to help level and stabilize the top that give you the best experience. With the top off, you’ll notice the massive cast iron trunnions and permanently sealed bearings which are purposely spaced as far apart as possible for equal weighting and to reduce vibration. A key detail that made me buy this saw was the dovetail lifting mechanism. The majority of cabinet saws on the market feature a lift that follows an arching rail. The problem is this lends to less rigidity and more vibration with the housing and arbor assembly. With this dovetail system, you arbor assembly travels on a geared rack which is extremely solid. Turning the machine on is simple, and vibration is near non-existent; just try the nickel test – it will stay put as long as the saw runs.
The 3hp Leeson is just fantastic. Being in the industrial distribution field myself, I can attest that Leeson make a superior motor in comparison to others. I don’t like to comment on other manufacturers because many other companies make fine saws and motors, however I believe this combination here is vastly superior and more importantly doesn’t break the bank. In the short time I’ve had this saw, I’ve run 6/4 laminated hard maple through it for bar tops and it felt like I was cutting 1x pine. The blade that comes with the saw is a suitable general purpose blade for ripping rough stock and other tasks.

Other pros are the solid metal adjustment wheels which are very smooth to operate, and feature a locking insert for you to dial in and lock a certain measurement for repeatable cuts. The adjustment wheels around surrounded by bristles to keep as much dust inside the cabinet as possible – this may seem minor but it’s hard to believe not all saws feature that. The dust collection is what you would expect from a closed-based saw and you definitely need a collection system as without it too much dust remains on your work surface. The saw comes with a very nice quick-release riving knife and blade guard system that pop in and out easily. I would never look at a saw that doesn’t have a quick-release feature as that would discourage use of these safety tools.
Probably the most important feature to buyers in the market for a professional saw is the table top (and maybe the motor). This machine has a beautiful finish to the cast iron top and there are virtually zero mill marks on the glass smooth surface (only in the miter channels but this is normal). The T-Bar style rip fence is very smooth and slick on both sides, and can be dialed in perfectly using the keys (supplied) to adjust the nylon runners. When locked down with the cam-lock handle, I got zero deflection on my fence while ripping heavy stock. And lastly, as I’ve gone on too long with this review, the miter gauge that comes with this saw as on par or better than many after market units. I really like the cast aluminum miter gauge with built t-tracks for securing jigs, the presets for cutting common angles, the right edge of the miter fence has been machined off at a 45 to allow you as close to the blade as possible when tilted left to 45 while still providing support to your work piece. The miter fence also features a flip-stop for making repeated cuts, and the fence can slide laterally on the base to accommodate unusual cuts or larger work pieces.

When you weigh all of these things together and consider the engineering that Baileigh put into this machine (and others in their woodworking lineup), it becomes apparent that these are first class machines. I don’t think your biggest factor when buying a quality machine should be price. While it is something to consider, you should really focus on what type of work you like to do and what requirements you have of your machine. With this TS-1040P-30, pricing concerns will quickly diminish with you see how it’s justified. With all of the extra attention to detail and the standard accessories, you’d be hard pressed to find a better saw package. Keep in mind Baileighs pedigree in the metal industry as well. They should quickly rise in the ranks of the woodworking industry. I am greatly looking forward to many upcoming projects using this table saw, and I will certainly be acquiring more Baileigh tools as I replace older machines in my shop. Best regards to everyone, happy woodworking, and be safe.

Guest Submitted


Riving Knife Table Saw TS-1040P-50

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