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Tube & Pipe Notchers

When we say that Baileigh notchers are unmatched in the industry, that’s not a sales pitch. It’s a fact. We’ve developed designs that outpace the competition both in what they can do and how reliably they do it.

Our tube and pipe notcher line offers:

  • Patented standard features, like a self-centering radial vise or an OD-adjustable end mill cutter, that you won’t find on other brands.
  • Rigid frameworks, made of heavy, durable steel or cast iron, that reduce vibrations and keep the machines accurate.
  • A 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support from Baileigh’s team of expert reps. Troubleshooting is just a phone call away as long as you’re using one of our notchers!

Manual Pipe Notchers

Ideal for maintenance shops that occasionally repair or reconfigure hand railing. Available for less than $500, each Baileigh manual pipe notcher is made of machined steel and mounts easily to any wall.

Electric Die-Cut Tube Notcher

The TN-200 tubing notcher produces straight 90° notches in seconds. Ideal for playground equipment manufacturers, this notcher can handle schedule 40 pipe from .75” to 2”.

Hole Saw Tube Notchers

  • TN-210H: A tubing notcher for garage fabricators who need to assemble and weld tubing at varying angles for mud racers, go karts, and much more.
  • TN-250: Our unique vise technology lets this notcher clamp onto tube in the middle of a bend. It’s always safely centered, left to right, up and down, no matter the material size.
  • TN-300: The best production hole saw notcher on the market. We eliminated the need for a hand drill and set the saw speed at 177 rpm in order to strike a balance between saw life and cutting power.

Abrasive Tubing Notchers

These machines can cope the ends of thin wall tubing at almost any angle up to 60° and use standard 79” belts (4” or 6” inch wide). Each abrasive tube notcher includes a self-centering vice to ensure correct positioning every time.

End Mill Tube and Pipe Notcher

Our patented design achieves what no other notcher can: notch tube ranging from 1” to 3” OD without any change in tooling, hole saws, or mandrels! Plus, it’s made in the USA.

  • Notches using just one end mill that travels through a pre-programmed eccentric path.
  • Allows for variable-angle notches and offsets.
  • Comes standard with a fast-adjusting vise and a decimal angle-finder for repeatability.
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  1. Hole Saw Notcher TN-210H


    In stock

    • .75" to 2" OD capacity.
    • Notches up to 50°.
    • Made of .5” plate steel.
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  2. Manual Pipe Notcher TN-50M


    In stock

    Manually Operated Non-Mitering Pipe Notcher for 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Pipe.
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  3. Manual Pipe Notcher TN-125M


    Call for Availability

    • For .75", 1", and 1.25” pipe.
    • Notches at 90°.
    • Made from machined steel.
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  4. Manual Pipe Notcher TN-200M


    In stock

    • For 1.5” and 2” schedule 40 pipe.
    • Notches at 90°.
    • High-quality chromium blades.
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  5. Tube Notcher TN-250


    In stock

    • 2.5" OD maximum capacity.
    • Pivots up to 220°.
    • 1.25” Thompson® shaft.
    • For use with handheld drill.
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  6. Pipe Notcher TN-300


    In stock

    • 110V hole saw tubing notcher.
    • .5” to 3” tube and .5” to 2.5” pipe capacity.
    • Notches up to 60°.
    • Runs at 177 rpm.
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  7. Pipe Notcher TN-200E


    In stock

    • 220V 1-phase power.
    • For .25" to 2" pipe sizes.
    • 90° notches in seconds.
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  8. Abrasive Notcher TN-400


    In stock

    • 220V 1-phase 3hp motor.
    • For .75" to 2" OD tubing or pipe.
    • Notches up to 60°.
    • 79” x 4” belt.
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  9. Abrasive Tube Notcher TN-600


    In stock

    • 220V 1-phase 5hp motor.
    • For .75" to 3" OD tubing.
    • Notches at up to 60°.
    • 6” x 79” belt.
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  10. Tube and Pipe Notcher TN-800


    In stock

    • 110V end mill tube and pipe notcher.
    • For 1" to 3" OD tube.
    • Notches up to 60°.
    • Patented design, no tooling needed.
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  11. Plasma Tube Profiling Machine (PTP-1110)

    Regular Price: $26,695.00

    Special Price $21,356.00

    In stock

    • 2"-11.5" (50 - 300mm)OD Capacity
    • 3 Meter Length
    • 220V 1ph
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  12. Plasma Tube Profiling Machine (PTP-1120)

    Regular Price: $29,995.00

    Special Price $23,996.00

    In stock

    • 2"-11.5" (50 - 300mm)OD Capacity
    • 6 Meter Length
    • 220V 1ph
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