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Wr48 Routing Table
  • Wr48 Routing Table
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Bringing in much of the technology that Baileigh Industrial learned from its CNC line of plasma tables, the WR-48 CNC routing table is one of the best values on the market.  This 4’ x 8’ table is perfect for production of closet doors, for solid wood processing, furniture and a whole lot more.  The WR-48 is built to last and features an extremely rigid fully welded frame.

This 220 volt single phase machine uses stepper motors with square rails to move along the X, Y and Z axis and have a maximum engraving speed of 20000mm minute.  The spindle speeds are variable and range from 6000 to 24000 rpm.  Controlling the WR-48 is easy as it uses a USB interface in conjunction with a hand held controller.  It comes standard with cam software that allows you to set up whatever you like.

See Full Tutorials on the Ucancam Software Here!

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Item Number WR-48
RPM 0-24000
Z Axis Stroke 7.5"
Maximum Moving Speed (Inches Per Minute) 787
Maximum Engraving Speed (Inches Per Minute) 787
Repostion Accuracy 0.0015
Tool Diameters 1/8", 1/4", & 1/2"
Power 220V Single Phase
Weight (lbs) 2500

* specifications subject to change without notice.


CNC Routing Table WR-48

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