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Metal Fabrication Machinery

  • Custom bead rolling application

    My company needed to apply a groove to a cylindrical object. (similar to the one pictured below) After many failed attempts we contacted the custom industrial application team at Baileigh Industrial. The team did a great job developing custom male and female tooling to fit the BR-16E-36 industrial bead roller. We sent them our specifications... READ MORE
  • Structural manufacturing through the years

    This bent structural steel is the “skeleton” of the main structure at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. The airport was originally constructed in 1942 - 1943 as a manufacturing plant for Douglas C-54s during World War II. Back then, the rolling and bending processes used to produce these curved beams would have been purely manual. With... READ MORE
  • Dad can I help you in the garage tonight?

    This has been music to my ears this summer. My son Justis has taken an interest in my metal working hobby. Spending time with him in the shop, teaching him shop safety and the proper use of tools has been great. Whether he is using pneumatic tools, grinding, painting, or running his own program... READ MORE
  • Strange bends on a Baileigh Magnetic Brake

    Some of you may remember that I bought a Baileigh Magnetic brake a while back. I have used it a bunch, but for the most part most of the bending could have been done on a traditional Box/Pan brake (really not very interesting). In the interest of showing the versatility of the Mag Brake I did a... READ MORE
  • American Midwest Fleet Solutions: complete in-house fabrication

    Since 1990 AMFS has been a leading provider of installation and service of safety, security, navigation, tracking, and communications products in fleet vehicles. With over 6,000 network installers, production is at an all-time high. The metal fabrication side of the business includes high end van shelving, grill and brush guards, along with ladder racks. The guys... READ MORE