Wheeeew…….. says @htxmadelocal while taking a well deserved break after running miles of antique pine through the helical cutter head in the IJ-875 Industrial Jointer. Now go enjoy your weekend, you’ve earned it #baileigharmy #baileighwoodworking —-

How accurate is the PT-22 CNC Plasma Table you ask? Well one of our employees (Shane) who uses one in his shop at home did a little test sample for us. This is not staged, it is not an exaggeration….this is the real deal. First cut on this 1/4” aluminum w

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Epic Mancave Builds on the Discovery Channel

Husband and wife team Brandon and Melissa Ruff are the owners of Fire Mass Metals. They are obsessed with building the most incredible “mancaves” on the planet.

Their work has grabbed international attention and landed them their own show on the Discovery Chanel called “Epic Mancave Builds” (more…)

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Turning with passion: Gustafson Shaving

Mark Gustafson started Gustafson Shaving Supply in 2012 when he made a safety razor for his son. He enjoyed making it and it performed better than anything he has ever used, he decided to turn his fun little hobby into a business.
Fast forward 3 years and you will find a thriving small business, an extremely successful website and a waiting list for his work as he is now an international brand.

Specializing in custom razors, brush handles and shaving accessories, his flavor of exotic wood and plastic turning is extremely unique. Olive Wood, Snake Wood, Kings Wood, and Bocote are just a few of his favorite materials to work with.

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Shaping Tomorrow’s Fabricators: The Fab School

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, The Fab School provides tomorrow’s fabricators with technical and hands-on-skills required to become marketable candidates for employment in the metal fabrication industry. This is all done through classroom activities and practical shop experience.

Owner and founder, Troy Johnson has dedicated his life to this noble cause and takes personal pride in watching his graduates hit the ground running as they enter the workforce.

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The Pope of Welding and Baileigh Industrial

Jesse James @popeofwelding from @texashotrods @westcoastchoppers and @jessejamesfirearms has just pulled the trigger on another load of Baileigh Industrial equipment. Jesse has been a long time operator of our machinery and has turned it up a notch with his newest venture and business, Texas Hot Rods. Located in Austin Texas, Jesse’s new shop will be fabricating some of the most impressive rides coming out of the Hot Rod capital today.

We’re not just proud of our machines. We’re proud of what they help our customers create.

See what they are saying about Baileigh industrial

Olly Marshall – ProSpeed Motorsport Ltd

In the motorsports industry, fast turnaround times and ultimate attention to detail are essential. While refitting our fabrication workshop, we chose Baileigh Industrial because of the quality of their machinesand their top-notch customer service. The machines and tooling are all in stock, and knowledgeable, friendly staff have always been at the end of the phone […]

Jeff Carlson – Steel Reality Manufacturing

We needed a sturdy band saw with a gear-driven head. However, most saws in our range were belt-driven, and I’ve personally had bad experiences with those. Then we found Baileigh Industrial, and the BS-250M bandsaw really has it all, plus some other features you won’t find on other models. I would recommend this saw to […]

Mike Berg – Crawlin Concepts LLC

I recently decided to start my own business in the off-road community. After doing a ton of research I decided Baileigh Industrial was the way to go for my machines. I haven’t been disappointed on any level! The customer service is excellent, and my order arrived a few days after placing it. The equipment has […]

Brandon – Manufacturing Engineer

My company needed to apply a groove to a cylindrical object. After many failed attempts we contacted the custom industrial application team at Baileigh Industrial. They did a great job developing custom male and female tooling to fit the BR-16E-36 bead roller for our needs. We sent them our specifications, and they were able to […]

David Ekstrom – Ekstrom Design

Being a designer and welder, I pride myself on creating the highest-quality and most unique products. Thanks to Baileigh Industrial, never again will I be limited by my equipment. Over the past few years, we at Ekstrom Design and Fabrication have outfitted our shop exclusively with Baileigh Equipment, and we’ve never looked back. David Ekstrom […]

Dan Patterson – Santa Barbara Forge

When I was recently asked to fabricate a complex geometric wall sculpture for a local business, I knew that Baileigh’s legendary precision would make this project not only possible but also profitable. I used the PT-510HD plasma table to fabricate some of the more challenging segments quickly. The R-M40 roll benderensured the repeatability that I […]

Dick Jobe – MachineHead

As an owner of a highly specialized machine and fabrication shop, I’m impressed with thequality of Baileigh’s tools and their capability of performing many applicationswith the help of an array of tooling sizes. I’m equally happy with the technical service and the technical support and information. I bought a PR-409 plate roll, a RDB-175 tube […]

Mike Phillips – Phillips Automotive & Performance, LLC

I can’t express enough how great all the guys from Baileigh are. They really know their product well.They all work with metal, use the machines, and can answer tech questions for you. They’ll help you get the best bang for your buck. Mike Phillips – Phillips Automotive & Performance, LLC, Downingtown, PA


Cruising Kitchens: The future of mobile vending

Started in a garage 5 years ago by the husband and wife team Cameron and Kaycee Davies in San Antonio, Texas, Cruising Kitchens has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen trucks, Airstream offices, tailgating vehicles, mobile tattoo parlors and mobile hair salons. (more…)

Baileigh’s North American Wood Division adds Rick Odea

Rick Odea comes to us with over 30 years of woodworking experience.  An accomplished woodworker and owner/operator of a thriving custom woodworking business, he is well-traveled, well-spoken and well-versed when it comes to the woodworking industry.

His personal business specializes in handmade wooden kitchen products; Richard Rose Culinary has been providing the world with extremely high end masterpieces for years. Check out his website here:

Featured on the set of nearly every Food Network show, Rick’s products are used and displayed all over the world by some of the biggest names in cooking.

If you are looking for a real world opinion from an experienced woodworker, Rick is about as good as it gets. Ask for him by name.

Baileigh Industrial’s woodworking team is extremely knowledgeable and motivated when it comes to getting your shop up to speed with the latest woodworking and CNC equipment.  Give us a call or email at sales


Impressive Roll Bending Solutions

Today, in one of our North American showrooms, our roll bending team provided bend samples for a customer who was looking to roll 3” x 7/16” thick, 6061 T-6 aluminum extrusion for a custom window application. 

As you can see, the R-H45 Programmable Hydraulic Roll Bender made quick work of the samples. It sports a 3 driven roll system that prevents material slippage, allowing the operator to repeat parts with less steps in the manufacturing process.

Baileigh industrial is the global leader in roll bending and forming applications. With manual, NC or fully automated CNC solutions available around the world, our team is ready to roll (no pun intended) when it comes to bend sample.

If you have a tricky application or would like us to engineer you a manufacturing solution, please call one of our many locations around the world, or shoot us an email at

Award Winning Design and Fabrication: DW Windsor

Located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, DW Windsor is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of exterior lighting, urban furniture and many other outdoor metal products. Their signature look and innovative designs have set them apart from the competition and earned them several awards around the world.

By partnering with our United Kingdom manufacturing specialists, their design team has increased quality and production exponentially. Nearly every part of the manufacturing process is performed on Baileigh Industrial equipment.

DW Windsor is a perfect example of how Baileigh provides industrial grade machinery, manufacturing solutions and superior technical support. With locations, warehouses and technical support worldwide, our team is committed to your success.

Check out their website here:


Arcade Headquarters: Man cave and Game Room Heaven

Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, Arcade Headquarters is a one stop shop for complete Game Room and Man Cave gaming solutions.

From traditional 80’s arcade games and custom built, multi-gaming stations, to complete game room design, they specialize in creating a unique experience for each customer.

Offering such a variety of gaming solutions has truly set them apart from the competition, but it has also created a ton of custom cabinetry and woodwork. Owner David Thompson found himself spending far too much time shaping and custom fitting wood panels.

Looking for a production style solution, he contacted our North American Woodworking Team for some guidance. He wanted to keep full creative control “in house” rather than having to “farm it out” and rely on nobody, but his own teammates.

Our team offered up the WR-48V CNC Wood Router with Vacuum Table as a permanent production solution. David and his team can now design their own panels, cabinets and custom designs with the included CAD software, push a button…and walk away.

Our in house “one on one” CNC training program was perfect for his crew to ensure they hit the ground running on the same day the machine was delivered.

If you have any interest in learning more about out CNC Wood Router Tables or the Software that is included, please shoot us an email at or give us a call and ask for a woodworking specialist.

Check out their website here:

Eric Breske: Fabrication Guru and Application Expert

Eric Breske joined our Technical Applications and Inside Sales group last year and has made an incredible impact to our team.

A production welder and fabricator for over 20 years, he exemplifies what “real world fabrication expertise” is all about. When it comes to understanding what metal does when you bend, cut, shrink, or stretch it, Eric is one of the best.

With a successful aluminum trailer manufacturing business on the side, his fabrication skills and knowledge are up to date and can offer first hand testimonials on everything he uses in his personal shop.

On any given day, you will find a pile of test bends, cut material or some strange extrusion in his cubical. Always in our showroom performing test bends, cuts or proving out tricky applications, he is constantly educating our customers on what to expect when you purchase from Baileigh.



From our versatile ironworkers to our easily-programmable plasma tables, Baileigh equipment lets you shape metal with precision and efficiency.


From our versatile ironworkers to our easily-programmable plasma tables, Baileigh equipment lets you shape metal with precision and efficiency.